Thursday, 23 December 2010

RM25K+, may Allah Rewards Fiberail Sdn Bhd with more prosperous business

It was a sharing session during lunchtime on Wednesday (22/12/2010) at Fiberail Sdn Bhd. It was requested by the CEO itself that all staffs should listen to updates on Gaza so that all of them can be more grateful to their much better living condition here in Malaysia.
Two VP5 volunteers were there, Hj Noorazmi Talib and Azmi Katiman, together with one of the members of Board of Trustee (BoT), Dr Tahir Abdul Rahman. Hj Noorazmi did a brilliant presentation while Azmi Katiman focus on things to go smoothly. Two committee members of Aqsa Syarif Subang Jaya, Zulkarnain and Siti Ramlah, also brilliantly handling the booth for merchandises.
Azmi was told that the donation going to be more than RM5K, but in turned out to be RM25K+ !
Dr Tahir commented that if all companies and CEO are like this, we can break the illegal siege on Palestine sooner.
Well, surely Allah will Rewards Fiberail with more prosperous business as everything on this earth and heaven are all belong to Allah.


  1. Congratulation Fiberail Sdn Bhd for your effort and concern on Palestinian issue. May your sincere contribution be rewarded by Allah with best reward here and hereafter.

  2. TQ Fiberail Sdn Bhd for your concern towards Palestinian which is our issue. All of us has a part to play.